"I am so happy"

I am so happy seeing how my five year old is thriving with the ABC with ACE and Christi program. He is reading words confidently, forming the letters and words well, knows the numbers up to 50, and today he picked up the concept of adding one more. It is so exciting watching him learn and achieve 🙂 I really do love ACE! Clare

"I feel so proud"

Since I started the home schooling my son has really flourished and got 100% for his entire first set of tests except one, where he got 94%. I feel so proud and God’s grace is so amazing; He leads me everyday and gives me the strength to do it. I am so glad I started the homeschooling for both my kids. My son was also battling with reading writing and he never even knew his phone number. Since starting homeschool he knew his phone number within two weeks! Homeschool Mum.

"Very supportive "

I just wanted to express such gratitude to our support teacher who has been such a kind voice to hear on the phone and written such supportive emails to us. We have felt more than welcome here and feel that we made the absolute best choice for our children and for our family. Nicole