The A.C.E. Educational Resources

A.C.E. resources combine mastery learning with solid Christian-based teaching. Learning occurs through workbooks called PACEs (“Packets of Accelerated Christian Education”), covering content from Level 1 (“Grade 1”) to Level 12 (“Grade 12”). Each level comprises 12 PACEs in each subject, each PACE undergoing both formative (ongoing, progressive) and summative (final) assessments. This means that every subject has rigorous assessment throughout, while at the same time providing encouragement, practice, review, and a steady input of character development. PACEs are numbered from 1001 to 1144 (1 to 144), representing a progression from level 1 to 12. Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE), the distributors of A.C.E. in the South Pacific, have adapted the A.C.E. resources to suit local educational frameworks. For systems where students graduate secondary schooling after Year 12, the following table will show how A.C.E. and SCEE resources may be used to take a student from early primary up to a recognised SCEE/A.C.E. Year 12 Certificate.

Can A.C.E. help students to get where they want to go? There is a myth that you need a school certificate to succeed in life. This is not the experience of students who use it today. Read what some students and parents have to say about A.C.E!

A.C.E. resources use mastery learning. What is mastery learning, and how does this differ from what is used in most schools? Watch this short video to find out!