At Homeschool WA we recognise that academics is only one part of measuring a successful education.

We have therefore created a questionnaire that we encourage our parents to answer when their children are enrolled.    It will be voluntary as the questions are personal but will help both the parent and us to see how their children are progressing over time as a whole person.

The areas that are covered in the questionnaire include:

  • Reasons for choosing home education
  • Academic progress
  • Learning difficulties or disabilities
  • Attitudes towards learning
  • Emotional response to learning
  • Emotional Health
  • Social skills
  • Faith and Christian character
  • Life Skills
  • Creativity
  • General health

The aim will be to assess how a child is progressing over time.   Adjustments to our program will be discussed based on these results and options will be given to parents who may have concerns in particular areas.

We recognise that parents will know their children better than our staff and therefore uphold their right to make final decisions regarding any changes.

We are currently trialling this questionnaire with families and hope to make improvements based on feedback that we receive.

As far as we know there are no schools, which are undertaking this kind of survey.

The survey can viewed by clicking here.

We would welcome any general comments, which can be made below: