Initial Fees

Joining Fee
A $70 fee applies for new members. Term 4 special: Only $40!

Diagnostic tests
$60 per child; this includes a full academic prescription and parent phone interview.
(Available at $150 per child for those who do not wish to become members.)

Parent Training
$50 per family; the parent training consists of a procedures manual and an associated workbook.

Ongoing Fees

Membership fees
Payment in full

4 terms: $700 (For those who join at start of year or in term one)
3 terms: $525 (For those who join during term two)
2 terms: $350 (For those who join during term three)
1 term: $175 (For those who join during term four, this is non-refundable)

Note: these costs are per family, extra children are free!

Payment plan per term:
$175 each term (First term fee non-refundable)

Payment plan per month
$70 per month: 10 payments per year February-November

Cost of Resources
This will vary but for most families the cost will be around $400-$600 per child per year. The first order is typically about $180 per child* and will normally provide a term’s worth of work. (The first order includes extras such as literature books and some administrative materials.) Subsequent orders usually cost between $80-$120 per child per term.
*Learning to read program is bought as a year-long package Costs $400-$500

Year 10 and 12 Certificate Costs
$100 per child

Premium Coaching Service
We also provide a premium service where a qualified teacher will ring at a set time each week and help both parent and child set weekly goals as well as provide academic and pastoral help.
This service is used by families where there maybe significant learning or behavioural difficulties or where a parent is lacking in confidence to commence home education.

We often find that after one term on the premium service that most families will have the confidence to move to our standard service.

Cost of Premium service
$700 per term

Should you wish to withdraw your family, fees will be refunded for each whole term for which you have paid in advance, (except for the term you join).

We are able to offer a refund for the parent training manual and the diagnostic tests if they are returned in good condition and unused, less a 20% handling fee.

Summary of Costs
The table below give an estimate of initial and full year costs over a two-year period for our standard service for one and two children.

Costs may vary slightly depending on electives chosen, the age of your child, and how quickly your child progresses through the program.

FeeDescriptionPrice One childPrice Two Children
Joining feeOnly required in first year (Non-refundable)

Parent Training This is a procedures manual and is required for all new members$50$50
Diagnostic Tests$60 for each child; includes teacher prescription

Membership feesFirst term (Non-Refundable)$175$175
Total initial cost to join $355$415
Initial order of resources
(lasts one term)
Order is placed after diagnostics tests are returned. Allow two weeks.
Cost varies from $150-$220 per child*
Ongoing membership fees $175/term$175/term
Ongoing cost of resources Varies on age of child and speed of progress. Estimate: $80-$130 per term per child$110/term$220/term
Estimate of total cost first year$1390$1960
Year two
Ongoing membership fees$175/term$175/term
Estimate of total cost second year$1120$1560

* Learning to read program is bought as a year-long package $400-$500