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What a fantastic group you all are! So friendly and welcoming! Thank-you x Dawn


I just wanted to express such gratitude to Annette, our support teacher who has been such a kind voice to hear on the phone and written such supportive emails to us. We have felt more than welcome here in HomeSchool WA and feel that we made the absolute best choice for our children and for our family. Nicole


Stuart, its the wonderful support you offer parents I am totally bowled over with! I have been watching the comments and every single mum has been saying only positive things. The phone calls, this FB group, regular home visits, organised activities, I really am impressed with the level of support you offer. You very obviously have a heart for homeschool families. May God continue to bless you and equip you!   Donna


Just to let you know I went to the UWA admissions office this afternoon, and they stamped and signed my daughter's STAT booking form along with writing a note in the margin that it was being approved under "the home schooling programme". They didn't even seem to care whether or not she actually intends to apply there. I proceeded straight to TISC in Royal Street, East Perth, and they accepted the STAT booking without batting an eyelid. I almost danced in the middle of the street!  Lisa


We had a WONDERFUL phone call with Sheryl Hawley today. We are soooo happy to have Sheryl's help planning my 16yo daughters path to Uni. Thanks so much Sheryl for your direction and wise words. You have been such a great motivation and encouragement.  Clare


Wow! That was an awesome meeting....we crossed T's dotted I's and the moderator was very happy with our overall learning plans and ideas. She also had some good suggestions, thank you Lord...and thank you and bless you who prayed. We don't have to see her for 12months...exhaling now!  Julie


WOOHOO!! .... We had a successful moderator's visit. He was happy with what we are doing. Phew...  We always worry too much I think. The registration pack is great and tells you everything that you will need.  Nicole 


Sarah, thank you so much for taking time to come and visit with me.  I am so grateful I really can't express it. Your kind nature and wise words have truly given me strength and confidence during this transition in our lives, from the bottom of my heart thank you.  Renata


Thank you so much! We have been truly blessed by Homeschool WA, you have no idea! My husband and I were at a point where homeschooling was on our hearts and we knew this was the direction God was taking us, but we were unsure if it was just us thinking it, or God wanting it! The change for our family has been incredible over the past few months. It's like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We are less stressed and finding ourselves having fun as a family again.   Homeschool WA family


Since I started the home schooling my son has really flourished and got 100% for his entire first set of tests except one, where he got 94%. I feel so proud and God’s grace is so amazing; He leads me everyday and gives me the strength to do it. I am so glad I started the homeschooling for both my kids. My son was also battling with reading writing and he never even knew his phone number. Since starting homeschool he knew his phone number within two weeks!     Homeschool WA Mum.


I am so happy seeing how my five year old is thriving with the ABC with ACE and Christi program. He is reading words confidently, forming the letters and words well, knows the numbers up to 50, and today he picked up the concept of adding one more. It is so exciting watching him learn and achieve :) I really do love ACE! Clare







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