Homeschool WA

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Welcome to Homeschool WA

We are an approved home school service provider: 

  • K-12 Christian Curriculum (ACE)
  • No Lesson Preparation
  • Teacher phone and video conferencing support
  • Semester Reports
  • Affordable
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Now open to all families in Australia and Oceania 

Bullying Solved

About 20 % of our enrollments are students that have been bullied at school.  Around 75 % of these students are females in years 7-10.  Many parents have commented that after homeschooling for a few weeks, their child, who was mercilessly bullied, is happy and enjoys learning again.

Special Needs Children

We have a heart for special needs children and we welcome families who have children with learning difficulties. Every child has an individualised learning program which means that children will be learning at their own level and will not be able to compare themselves with each other.

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